100% Free from Chemicals
We Mind the Environment

  • Effectively Against Numerous Weeds And Grasses
  • Weather-Independent
  • No Chemical Additives
  • For Problematic Non-Native Plants
  • Compatible With All Kinds Of Municipal Equipment
  • Can Be Used On Nearly All Surfaces (Tarmac, Concrete Blocks, Gravel, Etc.)
  • Perfect In Agriculture, Orcharding, And Winegrowing
  • Does Not Harm Or Damage The Surface
  • Ground Coverage: With Handheld Equipment Ca. 200 M²/H Or More

Trilo S3 Vacuum Sweeper

The new S3 vacuum sweeper is the latest to compliment the range of Trilo machines and is a versatile adaptable machine which can be used all year round.

Trilo are the leading manufacturer in the vacuum sweeper market and the latest model will deliver a professional easy collection of grass clippings, leaves and litter.

As with all Trilo machines, the high standard of manufacture and design specification allows not only ease of use, but also means less time spent on routine maintenance allowing more time in the field and less spent in the workshop. Trilo products have a proven longevity with lifetimes in excess of ten years being commonplace.

The all new trailed Trilo S3 can be driven by a compact tractor, yet has a large 3 cubic metres capacity container. The 1.5 metre full floating brush head and low ground pressure allows the machine to work under the heaviest of conditions where others may struggle.

The heavy duty fan has an inspection trap in the lower part of the housing enabling easy cleaning. The 5 metre easy to use wanderhose has a 200mm diameter and allows easy cleaning of confined or restricted areas such as bunkers, shrubberies or refuse bins. The high tip container allows tipping into a skip or trailer.

Technical specifications

Fan diameter: Ø 700 mm
Number of fan blades: 4
PTO output: > 28 hp
PTO: 540 RPM
Drive: Power take-off
Required hydraulics: 180 bar – 20 l/min.
Required hydraulic connections: 1 x double acting
Weight: 1240 kg
Measurements (LxWxH): 4,05 x 1,90 x 1,85 m

Air capacity:

280 m3/min.
Noise level: 90 dB(A)
Loading capacity: 3 m3
Wander hose: Ø 200 mm, length 5 + 1 meter
Working width: 1,50 m
Tyres: softtrac 26.5×14.00-12