Ventrac 4500 Series


After one test drive on this incredibly agile, yet power-packed4 wheel drive lawn tractor, there is no doubt that the Ventrac 4500 is in a class of its own. The innovative and durable design of these 4 wheel drive tractors combines all-wheel drive, an articulating frame, and powerful engines to give you unmatched stability and control to get work done. Most importantly, the Ventrac 4500 is designed to be the most fun you'll ever have on a tractor.The Ventrac Mount System runs on a 31HP fuel injected Kawasaki motor andhas over 30 commercial-grade attachments available that can be attached in about a minute or less, and no tools are required to do so!


Safe Operation on Slopes
Slopes can be difficult to mow on and drive up safely,meaning the perfect finish can be difficult to accomplish. The Ventrac 4500 is equipped with dual wheels that are designed for continuous use on 30 degree slopes.

Centre Oscillating Frame
The front frame of these 4 wheel drive tractorsoscillates independently of the rear frame. This allows the Ventrac to adapt to the terrain while keeping all four drive tyres in contact with the ground even on the roughest terrain.

Unlike a zero turn mower, skid-steer, or straight frame tractor, the rear wheels of an articulated4 wheel drive lawn tractor follow in the same path of the front wheels. Thisreduces the amount space needed to turn and decreases the likelihood of hitting any obstacles.