keckex weed chemical free

Your Solution for Non-Chemical Weed Control . KECKEX stands for developing non-chemical weed control systems that are based on a hot water vapor mix and used in municipal technology – the service sector – agriculture, horticulture and orcharding.

Unlike other weed solutions like the glyphosate based chemical weed solution, which has been facing worldwide bans due to recent linkings to cancer – KECKEX is a non-chemical, effective and sustainable weed control – using nothing but a hot water vapour mix. The equipment has been designed to be of a minimal environmental impact.

Unlike the early introduced steam units to the market that had mixed results, the Keckex point of difference is in the ratio of hot water to steam, the critical temperature range and the penetrative methods on how it is applied. It’s no good steaming the surface without attacking the roots otherwise as proven, regrowth is both rapid and prevalent.