Walk Behind Greens


Why you can trust your greensto the SL PrecisionCut models.
When it comes to caring for your greens, there's no surer choice than a SL PrecisionCut Walk Greens Mower. Some of the lightest mowers in their class, they allow effortless turning, better engagement with the turf for a consistent cut and straighter tracking.

A consistent cut, even with a less-experienced operator.
An operator can unconsciously affect the level of the cut by leaning forward or back. SL PrecicionCut Walk Greens Mowers compensate for this influence with a forward-mounted pivot point that reduces the operator's leverage over the mower's cutting plane. SL mowers also come standard with an engine gear reduction that marries throttle and reel speed across the full throttle range. So if you have an experienced operator who increases the throttle to mow at a faster speed and a less-experienced operator who slows it down, the frequency of clip between the operators is exactly the same.