100% Free from Chemicals
We Mind the Environment

  • Effectively Against Numerous Weeds And Grasses
  • Weather-Independent
  • No Chemical Additives
  • For Problematic Non-Native Plants
  • Compatible With All Kinds Of Municipal Equipment
  • Can Be Used On Nearly All Surfaces (Tarmac, Concrete Blocks, Gravel, Etc.)
  • Perfect In Agriculture, Orcharding, And Winegrowing
  • Does Not Harm Or Damage The Surface
  • Ground Coverage: With Handheld Equipment Ca. 200 M²/H Or More

Surrounds & Trim Mowers


The 7200 PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower changes the way trim and surrounds areas are maintained.
With the exclusive width-on-demand system, operators can change between width-of-cut and cutting units on-the-go with the simple toggle of a switch. No need to change lift arms to change mowing widths, the hydraulic shifting system does all the work.

The 7200 PrecisionCut™ Trim and Surrounds Mower excels in other areas as well, including superior contour following ability. It proudly possesses the highest horsepower in its class, taking on thick, lush grasses and hills with ease. The exclusive Reach Trimming System allows you to extend either the front left or front right cutting unit beyond the outside edge of the tyre, allowing you to trim around bunkers and other areas.