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Simplicity meets superior performance. In short, that sums up the John Deere line of Aercore Aerators. These ground-breaking walk-behind and tractor-mounted aerators have consistently delivered high productivity without sacrificing hole quality, durability, or ease of service. The Aercore design is rooted in common sense and logic. Easily accessible belts, instead of chains, power the systems, making them quieter and more durable in highshock conditions like hardpan or rocky terrain. But the true hero of the Aercore story is the patented flexi-link design. This supporting arm ensures the tines stay perpendicular to the ground longer for a higher quality hole. The proof is in the productivity: the Aercore 800 can punch up to 582,400 high-quality holes per hour, while the Aercore 1000, 1500, and 2000 exceed that at 600,000, 900,000 and 1,200,800 holes each. Just like a great golf swing, the Aercore Aerators are remarkably consistent in quality and quantity.


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